Many of your design projects contain retail space, so how can you make sure you offer your clients the absolute best service?

In the same way as most architects would naturally retain outside consultants for electrical, mechanical, structural, interior design, landscape and lighting, we like you to consider engaging a professional retail designer to make your clients’ retail design projects even better. Working with you as a retail ‘Subject Matter Expert’ (SME), we can contribute our specialized, focused knowledge and expertise to your vision and creativity, making the retail functional and more successful. We often work with lead architects and designers – not as a competitor or adversary, but rather a partner to offer the benefit of our broad specific experience. We have a massive portfolio of successful, noteworthy high-profile stores. This expertise can become part of your firm’s portfolio too.

We can help with selecting best locations, advising on the entrances, window displays, signs, merchandise fixtures, furniture, layouts, lighting, trade sources and vendors. All the elements combine harmoniously to create a great shopping experience for customers and a successful business for your client.

The income streams from retail can be very significant to all parties so it is certainly worth demonstrating the ability to create the most viable retail environment possible. When they win, you do too…so please call.