Traveling exhibitions are unique, high-volume sales opportunities. The incredible challenge of a traveling exhibition retail store is completely unique in the world of design. The store must be very flexible- no two setups are alike and the footprint of the store changes in size and shape with each new venue. It moves every few months so it must be durable and lightweight. It often must have its own lighting system built in. it must have sufficient merchandise capacity to make the store worthwhile and be able to handle huge crowds of people at one time.

As a form of retail design, it is closest to carnival, but the store should look like it is permanent and never moves. Lastly, the store should look like a seamless extension of the exhibit.

It is probably safe to say that no-one in the world has more experience with the demands of a traveling retail store design than Gerken RDC. Harry Potter, The Titanic, Darth Vader, Katniss and the Pope can’t be wrong. Please call.