“No money…no Mission”. Most cultural attractions rely on various income streams to keep their lights on and further their Mission goals. Most often, the store or gift shop revenue is a major contributor to the on-going enterprise. Although it is vital that the store represent the interests and aesthetic of the attraction, it is also important that the store drive a profit to support the larger goals.

Another big consideration is achieving the best Return On Investment (ROI) possible. There are many ways to get a store remodeled or built, but with our experience in retail design, we can add lots of value by guiding you to trade sources and vendors who consistently deliver the best product for the least money.

A successful gift shop consists of many parts – ‘location, products, pricing, personnel’ – and one of the most important is ‘presentation’. Presentation is how the guests first view the store from the outside, how they approach the store and move around inside it to see what you sell.

How can we get more people to walk into the store? How does the guest see the store and its merchandise? Is it full? Does the merchandising convey a ‘story’ or theme? Are you maximizing every sales opportunity? Can the customer check-out quickly and efficiently?

All great questions and the success of your store depends on the answers. Please call.