Understanding Attraction Retail

Retail in zoos, museums, and the wide range of cultural and tourist-oriented attractions is VERY different than typical in-line retail stores. In the typical mall or street store, you are ‘a’ retailer – one of many. In your venue you are ‘the’ retailer – the only game in town. This is your unique advantage- and your challenge.

The Store is the Salesperson

Your guests are coming to visit a larger attraction and the store is incidental to the main reason for visiting. That means nearly all your products are ‘impulse’ sales. Nobody gets up in the morning and says to the mirror, “today I’m going to get a ball cap from the Georgia Aquarium”. It never happens. So, for the impulse customer, your physical store is what sells merchandise and it’s got to be right.

Coping with the Crowd

The attraction store becomes ‘pounded’ with customers. Good news; every day can be as busy as Christmas. Bad news: if the store is unable to handle the huge number of sales opportunities you could be losing money every day. Even the smallest store problem means you could be disappointing guests and missing sales. We can work together with your team to make sure every part of your physical store is working to its maximum potential and you are picking up every possible sale. Sometimes it just a matter of fresh eyes…