Our relationship with The Henry Ford Museum began in 2008 when we designed The Main Store, which saw a redesign with a bold new layout in 2015.  Also in 2015, we created an entirely new secondary store, Genius At Play. This store is located in the exhibit area of the Museum and, as such, needed to integrate comfortably with the surrounding exhibits and the historic building itself.

In collaboration with the Henry Ford facilities and exhibit teams, we produced a design that appears to have always been a part of the historic building yet has a number of contemporary touches to keep it in touch with the visitor’s tastes. We made a very porous store with three large entrances facing all directions. We utilized flexible fixturing systems to maximize merchandising capabilities while also allowing for frequent floor moves to accommodate heavy traffic. The Henry Ford Museum had recently gone through a re-branding process and the design of both stores incorporates elements of the new branding.