A brand new zoo for old Paris.

In early 2013, we started working on a proposal to design and build a new boutique for the new zoo in eastern Paris. Americans competing with established French companies for a project in Paris was absurd. It was a daunting task – not to mention the challenges of distance, time, language and currency differences. The information required in response to the RFP was very through and detailed. In essence, we actually submitted a full design – including construction drawings and engineering, plus a complete schedule of projected improvements extending out 12 years.

Beyond all reason, our design and the accompanying proposal was selected.

The store opened in the spring of 2014 to a warm welcome. Essentially an exit store, we chose a very sophisticated color scheme, dark ceiling with light wood soffits and warm gray walls with lots of LED perimeter illumination and an abundance of track lights. The columns were treated as stylized baobab trees and the plush area received its own mountain – a symbol of the zoo. The large point-of-sale featured a lively impulse display and the back wall flanked with tall showcases. This is a very nice example of an elegant store design that would fit on the front pages of a French high fashion magazine. We are proud to say that retail is now a destination experience in the Parc.