In the autumn of 2013, the Dino Store at the American Museum of Natural History was completely overhauled to create a dynamic, immersive environment that complements the Museum’s world-class dinosaur exhibit and collection. The new store is akin to an exhibit gallery and takes guests on a journey through a collection of merchandise unlike any other dinosaur-themed store in the world.

The store is located deep in the American Museum of Natural History building in Manhattan. The Dino Store is immediately adjacent to the spectacular Dinosaur Exhibit. The store really consists of two relatively small adjoining rooms with very high ceilings. We commissioned Karen Carr, a well-respected nature illustrator to produce a series of large images of what various dinosaurs might have looked like. These were printed on large canvases and hung on the upper walls around the rooms. The floor is vinyl, custom-printed with a forest floor motif—complete with printed leaves, logs, snakes, rocks and bugs. The perimeter and floor fixtures were hand painted with camouflage two-tone paint. The entire store was outfitted with plants and imitation rock fossils.

The guests are completely immersed in the scene from a million years ago, but quickly recover sufficiently to pick up a souvenir to take home.