Conversations began early on with the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library Foundation as they began to conceptualize the master plans for a new museum and library in Springfield, Illinois. In 2001 we prepared an extensive RFP presentation, painting a strong picture of what the retail experience could be. After several years of due diligence, the Foundation selected the client to design, build and operate a 3,800 square-foot retail environment to integrate with its surrounding museum and library environments. We worked closely with the Foundation throughout the build-out to ensure all aspects of the store environments were representative of the Museum experience and at the same time worked well for the merchant teams and guests.

The results are an extraordinarily rich and vibrant store. The new Library and Museum buildings were classic contemporary, but we felt strongly that our guests would want the store design to bring to life the elegance of the time period during Lincoln’s presidency. The classic period details were carefully chosen to be consistent with our customer’s expectations and yet complement the overall look and feel of the building. Everything from the flooring to finishes to lighting was carefully selected to create a presidential feel. The woodwork was constructed by local craftsmen with such fine detail that it creates a timeless background for the splendid selection of merchandise. The high quality carpet was custom printed with the Museum logo and mixed into the products were real artifacts from the time.

The results were phenomenal from the beginning and the store has been consistently featured in reviews as a “can’t miss” part of the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum experience.