Each Store Design Tells a Story

David Gerken strives to create exceptional retail properties designed for flexibility, functionality and to maximize the stores’ sales potential.

Each retail store design tells a story that is intended to extend and elevate the guest experience at its attraction. A proper design also provides a beautiful and interesting canvas upon which the merchant team “paints” an assortment plan; and in which each store team has the ability to creatively display and sell merchandise.

When developing a design for a new attraction, we believe strongly in the impact that a well-conceived retail store design can have on the business. Whether the opportunity is to develop a store concept from scratch; or a redesign/remodel of an existing store, it becomes a fresh chance to tell a story to the guest, or customer, about the enterprise and products it sells.

This work receives rave reviews from our clients and, most importantly, from the guests who shop in our stores—which is evident in the sales numbers that come as a result.

Retail store design efforts are completely collaborative with our clients; but we are not afraid to push the envelope in order to realize what we believe is the optimal design—aesthetically and operationally. We are experts in the area of design for functionality.  The designer works hand in hand with all parties to ensure that the merchandising opportunities will be met by the design itself. Flexibility is at the core of each of our retail store designs because we know that, to remain fresh for its frequent visitors, a store must change its presentation so that each guest experience is a unique one.


David has always been an innovator in store design, with a long history of creating stores that not only look good in photos, but also really work to sell product for clients.